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Need a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) in Sydney or regional New South Wales?


Vegetation Management Plans or ‘VMP’ are report documents that address the on-going management requirements
of native vegetation (trees, shrubs and ground cover) of a proposed development site.

Most Sydney Councils and many Regional Councils require a VMP report from the developer as part of the Development Application (DA) process. Property subdivisions, building construction, extensions, and rezoning all usually require a VMP, especially if the development is within close proximity to a natural drainage line.


The NSW Department of Water require a VMP from any person who undertakes controlled activities (eg development, construction or earthworks) on ‘waterfront land’. This definition includes not just ocean view property, but any property in close proximity to a natural waterbody, such as a lake, river or any mapped drainage line.

Preparation of a VMP is a legal obligation under the
NSW Water Management Act 2000. More information can be found here:

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